Thursday, December 17, 2009

"My Best and Only Friend"

This blog post is dedicated to my best and only friend, Leslie. “Best and only friend” is our little term of endearment; we say it to each other every time we talk. It’s something we picked up from the movie, Dick. (Go rent it! It is fabulously funny)

Leslie and I met our first year of college at BYU-Idaho. She had just moved from Houston, TX and I had just moved from Penang, Malaysia. Her parents stuck her in the dorms and my parents stuck me in the dorms. After we were all settled in, we (Me and Les and the other two chicks living with us) decided to go to freshman orientation. All who know me, know that I do not like attending such things and was reluctant to go…well, little did I know Leslie felt the same way. After the first “bonding activity” I looked and Les and said, “Let’s grab some free food and get the hell out of here.” She was more than happy to agree and we ditched. We knew we were kindred spirits since that moment.

Freshman year was by far the most trying point in my life. Not to write a sob story about myself, but it was pretty dramatic for a girl of 18 years. This was my first year of college, a completly forgein event. I was in a state I knew nothing about and I knew no one. My family was 10,000 miles away from me on the other side of the world. We had to schedule phone calls at certain times of the day. This was my first time living on my own…let’s just say, 2005 was the year I HAD to become an adult and it was not easy! You could almost say it felt like a mission? But without the preaching and rules (even though BYU-I had some crazy ass rules!) Leslie was my salvation at that time in my life. If I didn’t have her, I would have moved home after the first semester.

My mom says that Les and I must have known each other and been friends in the pre-existence. We bonded so quickly that there is no other reasonable explanation.

Les and I have agreed that we would make excellent polygamist wives. That’s how well we get along. I firmly believe that women should NOT live together. World Peace would be achieved if women did not live together. Les and I lived together for 2 years and did not fight once. I am confident that we could live together forever and still not argue about anything, even a man. (sorry dudes...)

Having know
n Leslie for almost 5 years now, here is what I have concluded:

Leslie hates wearing high heels, but has tons of them. I think she likes the way they look, how fancy they are, and how dainty/girly they are. But, deep down I know she hates wearing them and I bet half of the heels she has have NEVER been worn. (If we were the same shoe size I
probably would have stolen some of them by now!)

Leslie bites her nails. The nail biting is a nervous habit Les developed during her many years of high school basketball. There are times while observing her viciously attacking her nails that have lead me to believe that she doesn't realize she is doing it.

Leslie does not drink water. She does not like that there is no flavor and refuses to drink just plain water. Leslie's drinks must always be caffeinated or artificially flavored aka Dr. Pepper or Gatorade.

Leslie is the pony tail queen. I have to bribe Les to wear her hair down.

Leslie has a multitude of T-shirts. Leslie’s mom buys Les the cutest clothes, but when it comes time to dress for the day, she reaches for the T-shirts (these are the kind of T-shirts one would work out in, not go on a date in).

Les has a strong testimony of the gospel. I was visiting Les in Idaho one weekend and this happened to be the weekend that the Rexburg Temple was having an open house before it was dedicated. Les, her brother Brad, and I went to one of the tours. Les and I were sitting in one of the sealing rooms overwhelmed by the beauty and sense of peace. Les and I turn to each other and made a promise to one another that we would not settle for anything less than a worthy man who could take us to the temple and be sealed to him for time and all eternity in a room similar to the one we were sitting in. I know that Leslie’s testimony of the gospel (and stubborn nature) will hold me to that promise.

Les and I have had some awesome (and not so awesome) adventures together! Texas adventures, Utah adventures, Wyoming adventures, and Idaho adventures. We have experienced so much that I could probably write a novel...well, at least a short story. I will not divulge that information here because some stuff is too hard to explain without telling hordes of background information and some stuff our parents don’t even know about and will NEVER know about.

Les is the one who I see all my R-rated movies with. We both fell in love with Brad Pitt after seeing Fight Club. We both love expensive jeans from the Buckle (the kinds with all the stuff on the back pockets – this attracts mens' eyes to the butt area!) We love going out to eat. And, we especially love a good looking man!

Leslie has just graduated from BYU-Idaho and is moving back to Texas to attend a grad school program. Even though I know tha
t I will see Leslie again, I can’t help but feel like I am losing my best and only friend. Les is and will be my best friend forever. We will always keep in touch. We will vacation frequently. We will be the two crazy old ladies down the street living together once our husbands die.

I love you Leslie! Good luck


Malaina said...

How sweet :)

Brandon Prows said...

That is sweet. :)

Mandy said...

I really think that was so awesome of you. You guys are lucky to have one another. It's so easy to fall out of your close friendship as time moves forward, really nurture your relationship so as things happen, you guys will always remain close!

Scott said...

Uh...I thought I was your only friend.